Next time you're at La Luna, why not make the experience even more memorable by purchasing some of our merchandise.

  • MEAT. by Adrian Richardson

    Everything you've ever wanted to know about cooking meat by Australia's finest exponent of the art, Adrian Richardson.

    Meat by Adrian Richardson
    $39.95 (Soft Cover)
  • La Luna Apron

    You may not be able to cook like Adrian, but at least you can look like him.

    La Luna Apron
  • Sausage Gun

    Make sausages like the professionals.

    All other fancy sausage filling attachments in your kitchen will now be obsolete.

    With your Adrian Richardson sausage gun, only $66.50 + postage & handling. You’ll be making your own Secret Meat Sausages in no time.
  • Boys Weekend (DVD)

    Join Adrian Richardson and various other chefs indulgent yet rewarding jaunts across the grand continent where they prepare mouthwatering dishes like paella along The Great Ocean Road, spicy oyster shots off Bruny Island, chili mud crab deep in the pristine Daintree Rainforest and apple tart tartan in Tasmania's Huon Valley.

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  • The Good Life

    Adrian Richardson’s philosophy is simple: things taste better when they are homemade. Baking your own bread; making fresh cheese, pasta or tomato sauce from scratch; curing salami and other meats; flavouring your own oils and vinegars; making chutneys and preserves... In The Good Life Adrian shows you how to do all this, and more.