La Lunatic
November 2010
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New York "Taste of Tennis"

I have just recently returned from a whirlwind tour, including a trip New York for a charity which supports the homeless people of New York 'Taste of Tennis', a wonderful event who's sister event held in Melbourne during the Australian Open on January the 14th 2011 at the Grand Hyatt is well worth supporting. Dinner at for sixty guests at James Beard House, another wonderful charity, supporting the advancement of culinary ideas & young chef's. As well as a trip to London eating & exchanging ideas about contemporary dining & food trends. A wonderful opportunity to eat in some fantastic restaurants, if you're interested in my tips email us & we will send you a list of links to my favourite restaurants.


Sunny Sizzle

I have just been given a chance to become involved with a charity called Interchange as their Sunny Sizzle Ambassador. "As the Sunny Sizzle Ambassador I want you to wheel out your BBQ and get cooking and chatting to SHED LIGHT ON DISABILITY and raise much needed funds for interchange. Jump on to register and HOST YOUR OWN SUNNY SIZZLE in your backyard, school, work or club in March!! Or join me at Fed Square on the 25th of February. This is your chance to raise awareness about disability and strive for greater acceptance and inclusion for everyone in the community. GETTING INVOLVED NEVER TASTED SO GOOD!!!"


Good Chef Bad Chef and Boys Weekend

If you haven't seen me in the restaurant I am currently busy working long hours in the studio with Janella Purcell shooting 65 episodes of "Good Chef Bad Chef", soon to be on air nationally on channel 10. Janella cooks some healthy food & I am cooking some not so healthy delicious dishes.

I am also really proud to announce that Boys Weekend is finally out on DVD, just in time for Christmas. We will be holding auditions for another cast member, if you'd like to send at $100 note & a photo of yourself to me in self-address envelope. For this small fee, I'll make sure that the audition crew is kept well lubricated with beer & pizza.


My Second Book: 'The Good Life'

And of course if that wasn't enough I have just completed my second book 'The Good Life', to be released early next year. I think you'll enjoy this new book, based on my family recipes & inspired by the wonderful food I grew up eating with my family.